5 Ways To Succeed at Rat Exterminator

If you have a rat problem in your home or office, don’t let it get out of hand before calling the rat exterminator.

It’s one thing to share your home with roommates or family, but another to have rodents living there. Rats are furry animals most people don’t invite into their homes. Because they are health hazards, getting rid of them is critical. Once you find out the invaders are rats and not mice, it’s even more important to call the rat exterminator.

These four-legged critters can do damage to your home and carry harmful diseases to people. Moreso, rats reproduce at alarming rates so the quicker the rat exterminator can eliminate them, the better.

When You Need a Rat Exterminator

Rats chew on a variety of materials to stop their teeth from growing very long. Because their teeth never stop growing, rats continue to eat. These rodents like to gnaw on everything, but especially wood, thin plastics, aluminum, electrical cables, and even cinder blocks. Still, there are ways to stop rats from coming into your home.

1. Get Rid of the Food Rats Need to Survive

Cleanliness is one of the best measures to help prevent a rat problem. Rodents need access to a constant food and water supply to survive. To reduce the rat problems in your home, try:

  • Store staple food items in aluminum containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep pet foods in thick plastic containers like Rubbermaid.
  • Get rid of old newspapers, magazines, and cardboard boxes.
  • Remove droppings that fall from fruit trees.

2. Peanut Butter

Place snap traps in areas that increase the chances of rodents passing over them. Make sure they are as straight to the wall with the trigger end as close to the wall as possible, but without touching it. According to the rat exterminator, the right bait will attract rodents and send them running to the snap trap.

The best bait is likely foods that rats can smell easily, like bacon and tuna, but the smell of peanut butter is enticing as well. Some say to add Boric acid to peanut butter and carefully place the toxic mixture rolled into balls in the home.

3. High-Frequency Sound Devices

Sound devices work! The seasoned rat exterminator confirms that high-frequency sound devices are extremely effective against rodents. These sounds are not pleasing to rats. They run in the opposite direction of the sound. The pitch does not affect humans, only rodents.

4. Hire a Cat

Cats are more than just extended family members. They are hunters, and they love chasing rats because their size does not intimidate them. So, if rats are invading your home, get a cat. If you don’t have one, borrow one from a friend. If that’s not possible, the local animal shelter has plenty of cute ones to choose from. Just be careful if there are other pets in the home. They may not get along.

5. The Smell of Mint

If a rat exterminator isn’t available right away, remember that rats don’t care to smell minty aromas. Considering this, place a few mint plants around the home or place peppermint scents or peppermint oils inside the home. Put a few dabs on cotton balls and place the scented cotton balls in various rooms. It’s almost a sure way to prevent rats from coming inside. Besides driving rats away, it’s a pleasant aroma to have in the home or office.

When You Need A Rat Exterminator Team

Sometimes the problem is too big to handle alone and DIY methods won’t work fast enough. When you need help, call a professional. Call a team of professionals. In the meantime, keep the areas clean and take the trash out daily.