The Future of Electric Cars And Deep Sea Mining: On The Way To A System Change And Energy Transition

Apollo II is a prototype deep sea mining machine being tested off the coast of Malaga

By 2030, 125 million electric cars are expected to be on the roads globally. With just around 5.5 million electric vehicles currently, this is still quite ambitious. For electromobility to really protect the climate, the energy transition is also needed. Many raw materials that we need for our smartphones, for example, will soon become scarce. … Read more

The Ocean’s Most Majestic Creatures: Humpback Whales

Humpback whales are one of the worlds largest mammals, nearly doubling the length of an average school bus and weighing in at an astounding 50 tons. These magnificent creatures are known for their beautiful, haunting singing and breaching displays, earning them popularity worldwide. The name “humpback” derived from the fact that, when diving, they will … Read more

Why the Emperor Tamarin population is thought to be declining

Emperor tamarin 1

Emperor tamarin is a diminutive tree-dwelling monkey species endemic to the dense tropical forests of South America; Peru, western Brazil, and north-western Bolivia. Interestingly, this enchanting animal is thought to have acquired its name thanks to its elegant white and curly moustache which extends to both sides beyond its shoulders and supposedly resembles that of … Read more

Structural Weakness Found in Xingu River Dam, Risking Ecosystems Below

Belo Monte Dam

On Friday, the Guardian reported that it had received “documents and expert testimony” regarding the Pimental dam at Belo Monte, a 14-kilometer-wide dam meant to power the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. Documents suggest that planning flaws in creating the dam have created a structural weakness revealed by record low water levels in the Xingu River. … Read more

The Life of an Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) on cliff top

Atlantic puffins, are often called “sea parrots” or even “clown of the sea” due to their penguin-like coloring, bright, colorful beaks and an affiliation with the water, where they spend most of their life. These beaks aren’t always so bold and saturated, however. The Atlantic puffin is usually sporting dull, gray beak in the winter, … Read more

15 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Cheetah


Hailed as the fastest land animal, with its magnificently marked pelts, cheetah is an iconic big cat probably due to their agility. Check out a few other scintillating things you might not know about the animal. Cheetahs are almost clones of each other Thanks to ice age, cheetahs were almost wiped out of the earth’s … Read more