Eco-Friendly Products that Can Help Save the Environment

Environmental damage, carbon in the atmosphere, and the warming climate are some of the most existential issues of our time. Humanity is at-risk as the world becomes warmer and the climate changes. While large corporations hold a lot of the blame for pollution, fossil fuel use, and pumping carbon into the atmosphere, we all need … Read more

The Future of Electric Cars And Deep Sea Mining: On The Way To A System Change And Energy Transition

Apollo II is a prototype deep sea mining machine being tested off the coast of Malaga

By 2030, 125 million electric cars are expected to be on the roads globally. With just around 5.5 million electric vehicles currently, this is still quite ambitious. For electromobility to really protect the climate, the energy transition is also needed. Many raw materials that we need for our smartphones, for example, will soon become scarce. … Read more

Structural Weakness Found in Xingu River Dam, Risking Ecosystems Below

Belo Monte Dam

On Friday, the Guardian reported that it had received “documents and expert testimony” regarding the Pimental dam at Belo Monte, a 14-kilometer-wide dam meant to power the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. Documents suggest that planning flaws in creating the dam have created a structural weakness revealed by record low water levels in the Xingu River. … Read more