Sheep Colored Pink: Sharp Criticism Of Promotion While The City Council Is Behind The Festival Authority

The Music Festival in England paints sheep pink as an advertising campaign – that’s why it is the subject of fierce criticism.

2018’s organizers of last year’s Width Festival were dealt a ‘cruel blow’ to announce a flock of pink sheep.

Last year’s Width Festival in England has caused a stir among animal welfare organizations. At the start of a major event in Suffolk, pictures of pink sheep appeared on the festival’s website for promotional purposes. Users rushed to criticize the activity and asked for clarification, which was reported in the British media on 22 July 2019.

Animals in fuchsia flowers were filmed during a stroll on the festival website, which advertises this year’s musical event.

The festival felt the need to justify this and explained on Twitter that animals are painted in natural water-based colors, “which they use in their normal peasant life as a cure for insects and pests.” Some animal welfare organizations were not satisfied with this statement. “In 2019, only ignorant or cruel people will use animals as living toys, accessories, or photographic objects,” PETA said.

However, animal experts found this dye to be a danger to sheep, and its use as a ‘living toy and accessory’ was cruel to animals.

“Thanks to this astonishing trick, sheep are in danger of getting into the dye in their eyes and swallowing the solution because they are painted in a dipping bath, which means they are completely immersed and possibly closed,” wrote Mimi Behechi, head of Peta’s international animal rights group program.

“Only ignorant or cruel people use animals as living toys, props and photo terminals.

PETA continues: Sheep stains are always unpleasant to animals because they have to be kept and immersed against their will. Also, loud music and numerous visitors can cause stress in sheep. Other animal welfare organizations have also called for a boycott of Latitudes.

The organization added: “The abuse is not over yet. This easy prey is easy to stress and fears loud music and drunken festival guests.

The Health and Safety Executive Director recommends never staining sheep for cosmetic purposes, he said.

Other social media users have also denounced the advertising technique.

Some promised to boycott Latitude near Southwold in Suffolk, and many protested against the organizers.

Andrew Kelly, director of the Irish Society for the Protection of Animals, said: “Why do people need this? What do you do for the festival besides your strange attitude towards animals?

Others went even further and said that the festival should be embarrassed or persecuted.

Sheep were dyed bright pink to advertise Latitude, which the RSPCA said was 'very sad to see' ( News Machine / YouTube )
Sheep were dyed bright pink to advertise Latitude, which the RSPCA said was ‘very sad to see’ ( News Machine / YouTube )

“Using animals is one thing. Using them as a joke is another thing. They use them in such an unhealthy and unnatural environment when your party demonstrates your stupidity. Your public relations should be dismissed,” says Paul Tully, director of tourism marketing.

Latitude, who won the best family festival award at last year’s British Festival, defended the trick and said the animals are “dyed in a natural water-based dye for which they are used as part of the normal farm life for insecticides and pests such as itchy skin, meat flies, ticks and lice.

But RSPCA also expressed its concern to the festival organizers, adding that the show was “very sad” but not illegal.

City Council Behind the Festival

This is not the first time that sheep have been painted for party advertising.

On behalf of Freedom, the East Suffolk Council stated that it “does not take care of the sheep this year or for 14 years after the event.”

“We are very pleased that water-based staining is absolutely safe and that the festival organizers have taken all necessary measures to ensure happiness, safety, and care for animals,” she added.

“In fact, we learned enough about animals to respect and admire their ability to live in a world that we are destroying so quickly,” said PETA. Colors are impossible without immersion in water and keeping animals under mild stress. They are also prone to loud music and festival drunkenness, PETA reports. Other organizations have also expressed support for this propaganda and criticism.

She said that if she hears that the sheep are in danger, she will not let them dye.

In this regard, calls were made for a boycott and a petition against the festival. East Suffolk City Council defended this event. They do not care about the welfare of animals, neither this year nor in previous years. “We are very pleased that water-based dyeing is absolutely safe and that the festival organizers are taking all reasonable measures to ensure the satisfaction, safety and welfare of the sheep.

Orange: The color to prevent animal abuse in April

While there is still a need for fairer treatment of animals in society, support for initiatives to achieve this is growing.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) promotes the use of orange ties around the world to highlight the fight against all forms of aggression and animal cruelty. This symbol is used to exchange social security content on social networking sites with the tags # orange animals and #jack cruelty.

April is the month chosen by the ASPCA to focus on disseminating information to help foundations in all regions of the world promote responsible appropriation, adoption, and sterilization as important methods to combat abandonment and violence against animals.

Historic buildings such as the Empire State Building have tinted their reflective lights orange with the slogan “Orange for Animals” to support this crusade for the rights of animals as living beings, rights that must be protected by regulatory authorities.

Although there is still a long way to go to become a fairer society with all animals, there are international campaigns such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, but there is a situation of neglect and social violence in which millions of animals live around the world every day. , and social media campaigns to show and punish these abuses against the vulnerable and set an example.

If you are one of the thousands of people who participate daily in the fight for animal equality in the country, wear an orange tie as a symbol of your efforts to eradicate all forms of animal abuse.