Tips For Teaching A Cat To Use The Cat Litter Box

Most cats up for adoption don’t have to be taught to use the cat litter box. Cats tend to learn how to do this from watching their mother when they’re very young. Adopters sometimes end up taking on this task though if the cat unfortunately was not raised by its mom. If this is the case with your cat, do not worry. It’s not as difficult as it sounds to teach a cat to use the cat litter box.

Show Your Cat How To Dig In The Litter Box

When it is time for your new cat to use their cat litter box, bring them to it and dig with your fingers to show them how it’s done. Once the litter box is used, try not to clean it immediately so that your cat makes the connection between the scent and the box. Also, make sure to offer your cat a reward once they are done using the box to reinforce the desired behavior.

Let Your Kitten Learn To Find The Litter Box

Even though you probably have the best intentions, it’s best to let your cat get out of the cat litter box on its own. Your cat needs to learn its way to and from the litter box. Then, when they need to use it and you’re not there to help, they’ll be able to find the litter box on their own.

Buy Cat Litter Box Furniture And Scoop The Litter Box Often

You should scoop the litter box daily or at minimum a few times a week. A clean litter box will encourage your cat to use it. Cats tend to be very resourceful so they will find a less desirable place to go when they think it’s not clean enough. You should also empty it completely, scrub it clean, and put fresh litter in it monthly. If containing the smell and cat litter is an issue, give litter box furniture a try. There are various kinds of modern cat litter box furniture on the market now such as beautiful wooden cabinets. If you’d like more cat furniture that is functional but will also look great in your home check out cat furniture from The Refined Feline.

Make Sure The Litter Box Is In A Convenient Location

Placing the cat litter box in a convenient location is especially important for your new kitten. Even if it is not the most convenient for you, young cats can’t hold it in for long when they need to go. If you’re playing with your kitten on one side of the house and the litter box is on the other side, they might not make it there. When selecting a spot for the box, select a spot that your cat likes. Cats prefer to do their business pretty far away from where they eat and sleep. They also want some privacy. Therefore, it’s ideal to put their cat litter box somewhere private and without much foot traffic yet still convenient.

Give Your Cat Some Encouragement To Use The Litter Box

Cats have predictable bathroom habits. They use the litter box after waking up from a nap, when they finish eating their food, and when they finish playing. Remind your cat where the litter box is located at these times even if it turns out that they don’t need to use it.

Follow These Tips For Teaching A Cat To Use The Cat Litter Box

With these tips, your cat should quickly figure out how to use the litter box by themselves. The process is pretty simple and is natural for most cats once they get it down. Once your cat gets this process down they won’t forget it. Keep in mind though, if you ever notice a change down the road in your cat’s litter box habits, that warrants a vet visit. Your cat’s litter box habits should be paid close attention to as it’s essential for your cat’s health.