What do tigers drink?

Tigers are some of the most majestic animals in the world, but what do they drink?

What do tigers drink?

Adult tigers predominantly drink water, though they also get some fluids naturally from their animal diet. Tiger cubs take milk from their mothers. Read also our article on what tigers eat.

Do tigers drink water?

Yes, tigers drink water from ponds, streams and other fresh water sources.

Do tigers drink salt water?

Tigers are able to adapt to drinking salt water such as sea water where fresh water is limited. However, salt water is not as healthy for tigers as fresh water. In fact, drinking salty water can cause kidney and liver problems for tigers as well as making them more irritable and aggressive.

How much water do tigers drink per day?

A tiger which is active and hunting in a hot climate can drink up to twenty gallons of water per day.

Do tigers drink milk?

Yes, young tigers (cubs) drink their mother’s milk for up to eight to ten months. They stop relying on their mother’s milk entirely at around six months of age.

Where do tigers drink water from?

Tigers prefer drinking water from running fresh water sources such as streams and rivers. Tigers will also drink water from still ponds and if necessary will drink salt water from the sea.

How do tigers drink water?

A tiger uses its tongue to flick water up to its mouth and then catches it within its mouth. This is different from most cats, which tend to ‘lap’ water into their mouths. See the slow motion video below of a tiger drinking to se exactly how tigers drink water.

How long can a tiger last without water?

Tigers need water to survive, and need to drink every few days. Without any water at all a tiger would only be able to survive between 5 and 7 days. However, if they are unable to find water then they may eat foods higher in water content such as fruits to gain some water.

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Conclusion: What do tigers drink?

Tigers drink predominantly water. They get fluids naturally from their animal diet, but they also drink water from ponds, streams, and other fresh water sources. If necessary, they can adapt to drinking salt water such as sea water where fresh water is limited.

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